Play Gym Program Schedule

 Martial Arts Program Schedule

Kickboxing / Yoga Schedule


Below is a list of Events, Closings, and Schedule changes.


November 20th ~ Last Scheduled Class for Gymnastics

November 17th-18th ~  Martial Arts is CLOSED. ITF Grand Master Wheatley.


November 20th ~ Make -up Class for Gymnastics (Must have been absent at least once to attend)

November 21st-27th ~ Play Gym Program is CLOSED

November 22nd-26th ~ Legacy Life Center is CLOSED (NO PARTY AVAILABILITY)


December 2nd ~ Updated Play Gym Schedule begins. YOGA WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERED.


December 4th ~ New Cycle of Gymnastic Classes begins. Introduction of Classes on Friday Evenings.

December 10th ~ PAINT AND SIP 6:30-9:00pm  $45 per person. Call to register 732-210-2447


December 17th ~ Winter Wonderland 2:00-5:00pm. Event Details to follow.  PLAY GYM WILL BE CLOSED.

December 19th ~ Acrylic Pour Painting class. Teens welcome. 6:30-8:00pm $45 per person. No Alcohol beverages permitted. Call to register 732-210-2447

December 23rd- January 1st ~ Legacy Life Center is CLOSED (NO PARTY AVAILABILITY)


January 2nd ~ All Programs Return from Winter Break.


January 3rd ~ STEM Program Pop Up Event 6:30-8:30. More Details to follow

January 20th ~ PAINT WORKSHOP 11:30-4:30pm  $65 per person. Breaks and Lunch included. Call to register 732-210-2447


January 20th ~ Character Meet. 4:00-6:00pm. More Details to Follow.